Scarlett in arena

Getting the QuestEdit

Gero is the master of the Necropolis in the Juma Tribal Lands. He appears in the necropolis after Scarlett and Princess Chiamaka have finished their climactic battle. If Scarlett approaches Gero, he will offer her two Quests: First, he will tell her that the tribe holds tournaments in the necropolis to determine their mightiest warrior, and would she like to join in the fun?

Scarlett can approach Gero any time to enter the tournament again, whether she has won yet or not.

The QuestEdit

Gero invites Scarlett enter the Tribe's Tournament to pick the mightiest warrior.

Scarlett must enter and win to fulfill the quest.

This quest is optional.


Only available after Scarlett has finished her confrontation with Princess Chiamaka in the Necropolis. (Scarlett can approach Gero any time to enter the tournament again, whether she has won yet or not.)

Note: After the battle in the Necropolis, Scarlett should have the key to the chest inside the base of Tree of Life, and inside that (along with the blue Ring of Loyalty) should be the Holy Spear of Chiefs, a fast and very powerful weapon that she might like to try out against these opponents. If she lacks the Physical Skills for using the spear, Akbah can provide training in the spear, if she finds him in the Juma Village, assuming she has the Skill Points.) Since she'll be fighting multiple opponents, all using spears themselves, a fast weapon with a long reach, such as a spear, it is an excellent choice of weapon.

Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Quest Map Let the Games Begin

The tournament comprises five rounds, each of which will pit Scarlett against an increasing number of progressively more difficult foes, starting two against one. (The exact number of opponents seems to vary; final round will have her fighting either four- or five- on one.) The arena of the Necropolis is a broad, open area giving her lots of room to maneuver. Each of Scarlett's opponents uses a spear and shield, though Scarlett may choose any weapon she has. Since she'll be fighting multiple opponents, a fast weapon with a long reach is a good choice.

The tournament is nonlethal. If Scarlett's Health reaches zero, she loses, without drawing on her Twilight Energy. Her Health does not reset at the start of each round, so damage through all five rounds accumulates (though she can use herbs or potions, or even necromancy, to recover if necessary.)

Allowing her to use her necromantic spells (Mental Skills) doesn't really seem like fair play against mere mortal opponents in a sporting contest, but apparently it's allowed.

Scarlett must win the tournament to complete the quest. Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee.


The prize for winning the tournament is the Spear of the Screaming Souls, a pretty good weapon in its own right. It doesn't do as much damage as the Holy Spear of Chiefs, but it has the necromantic property of collecting Mental Energy from its victims, making it a potent supplement to Scarlett's necromantic spells.

Add 400 to Scarlett's Experience (only the first time she wins; re-entering and defending her championship earns no additional experience.). No change to Reputation (the Venice sports pages don't cover Africa contests.)

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