Lilia it is just a small Trader in San Pasquale, and the first Trader Scarlett will meet as she begins her quest. During daylight, she can be found outside in the center of the village. (At night, she seems to move into Mattheo's house.) She specializes in buying copper ore.

Speaking to her early in the game will give Scarlett some useful information about trading and prices. Scarlett and bring her any Copper Ore or other Loot she finds and sell it for ducats (which she can spend with Lilia or any other Traders she meets. She may also have an item of two for sale of interest to Scarlett early in the game, if Scarlett can scrounge up enough loose treasure. (e.g., Lilia has an Imperial sword for sale that is superior to the dervish blades Scarlett can loot from Assassins she kills.)

Goods SoldEdit

  • Imperial Blade (Use for combat. Damage 15, price 100 ducats.)
  • Sweet Pumpkins (Use for minor healing. Health +20, price 10 ducats each.)
  • Lantern (Use for light in mine and sewers. Price 35 ducats.)
  • Fish Oil (Use to fuel lantern. Price 20 ducats.)

(Like other Traders, Lilia can buy any unneeded items or Loot that Scarlett has acquired, exchanging them for ducats she can spend on more useful items.

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