Liora it is a proud, sad, complicated woman. She was once one of the Rebels who opposed Victor and The Doge as they took over Venice and exploited her people. Fearing for the life of her husband, Fargo, she made a deal with Victor to betray the rebels in exchange for all their lives. But on what is now called the "Night of the Knives", Victor betrayed Liora in turn, slaughtering all the rebels, including Liora's husband, Fargo.

Liora now lives with both her guilt and with Victor. She has a suite on the Palace grounds, and spends a lot of time drinking at the Skullbreak Tavern nearby.

If properly persuaded, Liora may yet prove a useful ally to Scarlett, in several ways. But, can she really be trusted?

We will first see Liora, without naming her, in a cut scene the first time Scarlett crosses the center bridge between Outer City and Amphitheater. Scarlett will meet her for the first time in the Arsenal District.

Related Quests Edit

Liora will also supply a letter of introduction for Scarlett to meet Largo, part of the Chasing the Black Grimoire quest, and still later, with fragments of the final Gateway Idol in the Palace Gardens.