Scarlett will have the opportunity to collect money (ducats) by collecting various loot or treasure as she explores the world of Venetica. Sometimes, she will be able to find actual ducats. More often, she will find other items of some value which she can later sell for ducats to Merchants. She can use the money she collects in this way to purchase items that will help her in her quest.

Such loot can be found simply lying on the ground (rarely). Sometimes, it will be found in footlockers or "urban chests" which she can open (possibly requiring that she be able to pick the lock.) Other items will be found in pottery, which she will first have to shatter by striking with a weapon in order to discover the loot (no one ever objects to Scarlett walking about shattering pots and vases. Characters will object is she takes loot from homes when they are occupied; if she does, she'll lose Reputation and have to go see the Judge to clear her name.) Other loot can be found by inspecting the bodies of enemies she kills or by using the Beast Knowledge skill to skin Creatures she kills. Still other treasure can be found by digging up Buried Treasure.

Some of the treasure Scarlett will find are actual useful items that she can use instead of sell: Armor, Weapons, Consumables, and Magical Items. For most of those, she can choose to either use them or sell them. Quest Items cannot be sold, only used to fulfill quests. The various loot listed below are items that have no intrinsic use, other than to be sold to increase Scarlett's wealth (so she can purchase more useful items.) Although it's possible to also purchase these items from Merchants, there's no advantage in doing so; Scarlett always loses money if she buys and then sells something.

Loot (Treasure)
Item Value
Buy / Sell
Copper Ore icon
Copper Ore 5d / 2d (4d*)
Gold Candleholder icon
Golden Candleholder -d / 24d
Gold Cutlery icon
Golden Cutlery -d / 22d
Gold Earings icon
Golden Earrings
-d / 22d
Gold Necklace icon
Golden Necklace -d / 74d
Gold Plate icon
Golden Plate -d / 30d
Gold Ring icon
Golden Ring -d / 50d
Imperial Coins icon
Imperial Coins 8d / 3d
Jewel icon
Jewel -d / 50d
Fresco icon
Fresco Canvas 45d / 18d
Urn icon
Urn 55d / 22d

Note: Some items have different worth, but use the same item name and icon. For example, there are Jewels of both 50 and 100 ducats worth. Also, the Golden Earings icon is often used for more valuable jewels.

  • Deimos will pay twice as much (4 ducats) for Copper Ore than other Merchants.
  • Rufus will pay twice as much for valuables and antiques than other Merchants. For example, Rufus pays 6 ducats for one Imperial Coin and 44 ducats for the golden cutlery.


Animal Treasures Edit

If Scarlett learns the Beast Knowledge skill (from Brawler or Joanna), she can gut and skin animals she kills, harvesting hide or other parts which she can sell for money.

Animal Loot
Item Value
Buy / Sell
Delver Hide icon
Delver Hide -d / 8d From Delvers.
Gripper Beacon icon
Gripper Beacon -d / 20d From Grippers.
(Also used for Lantern oil.)
Leather Flying Beast icon
Leather -d / 12d From Flying Beasts.
Warbeast Tusk icon
Warbeast Tusk -d / 40d From Baka Beasts.
  • Joanna will pay twice as much for some animal goods (leather, hide, tusks) than other Merchants.


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