Madame Dunequerque

Madame Dunequerque is a merchant selling weapons from her shop in the Inner City. She specializes in goods for "adventurers".

She has a sizable shop, and Scarlett is free to roam around the back rooms and look at the storage; however, as the proprietor will warn her as she leaves, she better not have stolen anything (or it will be off to see the Judge.)

Goods SoldEdit

Madame Dunequerque specializes in exotic weapons, armor, healing potions, and sweets:

Like other merchants, she can also buy unneeded items Scarlett wishes to sell, converting them to ducats she can spend on more useful items. (She will also be able to sell back to Scarlett any items she previously sold to her, though at a substantial markup price.)

Where to Find Madame Dunequerque =Edit

Person Map Madame Dunequerque

Madame Dunequerque can be found in her shop in the Inner City all day and night. (Click on map to enlarge)

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