Marauders seem like some sort of cross between Guardsmen and Rogues, dressing as the former, and behaving as the latter.

About MaraudersEdit

The Marauders first appear in the Outer City shortly after Scarlett completes the Chasing Bandits in the Outer City quest. They seem to replace the Rogues, wandering the streets after dark, attacking Scarlett on sight. A comment by the Guard Captain of the Outer City after Scarlett has eliminated the bandit lairs implies that the Marauders are actually corrupt Guardsmen, which may account for their garb and weapons.

Likewise, they will first appear in the Inner City shortly after Scarlett eliminates the Rogues from there. (Eventually, very late in the story, they seem to vanish from the Outer City, but linger in the Inner City.)

Marauders use a long spear as a weapon together with a large, curved Roman-style shield. They resemble the Guardsmen in appearance if not attitude.

Killing a hostile Marauder will add 50 points to Scarlett's Experience.

When Scarlett gets into the Doge's Palace, she will find they act more as ordinary Guardsmen there, and are not hostile (any more than any other guardsmen, anyway.) In the palace, they take orders from Lucio.

Related QuestsEdit

Marauders will be found roaming the streets of the Outer City and Inner City after Scarlett has cleared each of Rogues.