Scarlett Sick Wife

Collect some medicine from the Outer City's Trading Center for an Inner City Citizen with a sick wife.

Getting the QuestEdit

Scarlett can only get this optional quest if she happens to enter the Citizen's home and speak with him.

Quest Map Medicine Inner City

The house door faces the square of the Persian Trade House, to the west; it also has a back door to the canal facing the Cathedral. (Click map to enlarge.) Scarlett may have to pick the lock.

This quest is optional; Scarlett may request it and choose to complete it in order to enhance her Reputation and add to her Experience.



Access to the Inner City and access to the Outer City's Trading Center.


The QuestEdit

A Citizen asks Scarlett to collect some medicine for his sick wife. The medicine is being held in the Trading Center of the Outer City.


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Quest Map Medicine Outer City

Scarlett should return to the Outer City, and go into the Trading Center area. The medicine is on the highest rooftop catwalk. Any route to the top will do, but the most straightforward is to enter the Garrison and take the stairs to the top, pass through the jail area and out the door. (Click map to enlarge.)

Scarlett Medicine Guard
A bit further along the upper rooftop, there is a Guardsman standing watch over a chest which contains the medicine. The guard is corrupt and can either be bribed or killed, or select find peaceful solution twice and guard will give you the key to the chest.

After collecting the medicine, Scarlett should return to the citizen's home to collect her reward and complete this quest.



Add 50 points to Scarlett's Reputation and 300 to her Experience (plus 50 points if she kills the Guard.) The citizen will also give her a set of golden cutlery as a thank-you gift.

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