Mental Energy Potion Edit

A Mental Energy Potion, when consumed, restores 80 points of Mental Energy.

Mental Energy Potions can be purchased from some merchants (e.g., from San in the Inner City) for 80 ducats. They are also carried by some opponents (e.g., Rogues), and they can be part of a treasure. In addition, Scarlett can make Mental Energy Potions by using Alchemy.

Making a Mental Energy Potion with Alchemy Edit

The Alchemy reaction requires one White Ivy plant and one Alchemy Phial, which are combined into one Mental Energy Potion:

Alchemy mp reaction

White Ivy, when consumed as a plant, restores 30 Mental Energy Points, and Alchemy therefore almost triples its power. Raw White Ivy (sold, for example, by The Doctor) costs 60 ducats; from an economical perspective, the Mental Energy Potion is a steal.