Help the Nightwatch guildsman get his old badge back.

Getting the QuestEdit

A rather strange looking old man wanders about the Outer City, carrying a huge backpack with a pair of lanterns suspended from it. He is Kronos, the last of the venrable Nightwatch Guild. If Scarlett speaks with him, he'll regale her with stories of the guild. If she asks about getting into the Inner City, Kronos will tell her he has a key to the gate, and offer to trade it for this favor.

This quest is mandatory. Scarlett must complete this quest in order to earn the keying needed to access the Inner City.

The QuestEdit

A Flying Beast has gotten into the Nightwatch guildhall. It has grabbed onto Kronos's old guild badge, and the old man can't get it back. He asks Scarlett to get his badge back for him.


The Flying Beasts remain up in the air, tantalizingly out of reach of her sword. Scarlett is going to need a necromantic spell (Mental Skills) that can bring down the creature. Since it's immune to Raven's Wrath, Scarlett is going to have to learn, e.g. Blood Toll, from Nox. (If she doesn't have enough Skill Points to learn that, she may have to pick up a few optional Quests or wander the streets at night looking for Rogues to earn enough Experience to gain a level.)

Kronos sometimes wanders in the Trading Center, so Scarlett may need to have gotten access to that by convincing the guards she is a merchant (by suppling a sample, e.g. of Copper Ore or Dusk Lily.)

Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Quest Map Nightwatch Troubles

First, Scarlett will have to complete the Where is The Black Grimoire? and Trust to Be Earned quests so that Nox will teach her a Mental Skill such as Blood Toll that can kill the Flying Beast.

The Nightwatch guildhall is right off the courtyard by the gate to the Inner City. She should go inside, kill the Flying Beast with her necromancy, pick up the badge, and take it to Kronos. The old Nightwatch man wanders around the Outer City at night, at least the northern part of it. Use the Quest Map to locate Kronos if he isn't in the Courtyard when she exits the Nightwatch guildhall.


The Key to the Inner City. Scarlett can now proceed with her great quest.

Add 200 points to Scarlett's Experience. (No change to her Reputation.)


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