Scarlett in Cursed Chapel

Remove a curse from the Chapel in the Arsenal District for Brother Johan.

Getting the QuestEdit

When Scarlett first reaches the Administration Center area of the Arsenal District, halfway up the great stairs, she will see Brother Johan being chased away from the Administration Center. If she speaks with Brother Johan, he will give her this quest. He will also give her the closely related On Holy Mission quest, to retreive his sacred scrolls from the Old Cathedral so he can remove the curse.

This quest is mandatory. Scarlett will need to complete it in order to find a Gateway Idol and obtain Mental Skills she needs (The Whisper) to complete the The Voice of the Dead quest..




The QuestEdit

The Chapel in the Arsenal District as a curse upon it and is infested by demons (Lectors). Brother Johan asks Scarlett's help to remove the curse and banish the demons.


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Scarlett will first meet Brother Johan and receive this quest outside the Administration Area of the Arsenal District (1). She will get this quest plus the On Holy Mission quest at the same time. She should complete the On Holy Mission quest first by collecting the sacred scrolls from the Old Cathedral.

Quest Map Of Cursed Chapels

Bring the Sacred Scrolls to Brother Johan where he lives, at the residential area just above the Administration Area of the Arsenal District (2). It's the first door on that platform. (Lea also lives here, the start of an unrelated, optional quest.) (Click on map to enlarge.)

Once Brother Johan has the Sacred Scrolls, he will immediately bring Scarlett to the entrance of the Chapel (3) and remove the curse on the entrance. Scarlett should then go inside the Chapel. Kill the Lectors inside. (Pick up the fragments of the Gateway Idol and use the idle to visit Benedict again, gaining The Whisper mental skill.)

Scarlett should return to Brother Johan outside the Chapel to complete the quest. Note: if Scarlett uses a weapon other than the Moonblade to fight the Lectors it may not trigger the completion dialogue with Brother Johan even if she kills the Lectors. If she uses the Moonblade even if used in junction with spells for which the lectors are not immune; e.g., Raven's Wrath, it should initiate the quest completion dialogue with Brother Johan.



Add 900 points to Scarlett's Reputation, and 500 points to her Experience.

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