The Old Cathedral in the Inner CityEdit

The Old Cathedral was once an imposing building in the heart of Venice. Now it lies partly in ruins, because, so it is said, it has fallen to demons. Part of the domes have caved in, and the main portal is somehow obstructed, barring entry. Not visible from outside is the damage to the floor, which has also partly collapsed.

Old cathedral

The blocked doors, of course, are a problem for Scarlett when she arrives in the Inner City. The Old Cathedral is one of the most important sites, being the location of the third Gateway Idol. If Scarlett is a member of the Net of the Mask, Aeris explains this directly. If she is a member of any of the other Guilds, Scarlett will have to find this out on her own.

Cathedral stone frag

At first, the only way to enter the Old Cathedral is through the Inner City Catacombs. Fragments of the Gateway Idol are strewn about, and Scarlett has to find three fragments before she can use the Idol. Unsurprisingly, the fragments have attracted some Lectors, and they need to be sent back to the Abyss beforehand, courtesy of the Moonblade. In the process, it might also be a good idea to remove the debris that blocks the entrance portal (use the warhammer). This provides a fast path of retreat to the Inner City, should it be needed.

When Scarlett uses the Gateway Idol, Benedict gives her the Unworldly Clutch skill, but also warns her to leave. Indeed, as soon as Scarlett returns from the Twilight World, she is ambushed by a posse of Skeletons that have just been revived by a Necromancer. She can decide to run or fight, but her main task is accomplished.

Some scavenging in between the debris reveals a few items of treasure and two scrolls. One is the Scroll of the Elder Order and tells the story of the marble statues that are the Gateway Idols. The other is needed for the Quest On Holy Mission in the Arsenal District.

Cathedral idol
Cathedral necromancer

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