The Order of the Holy Seal is an order of warriors, motivated by anger, rage and a thirst for revenge (though they're not so keen on revealing what they want revenge for, at least to non-members.)

Scarlett can discuss joining the Order with Rangar at the guild's headquarters in the Outer City. Rangar offers free training in some Physical Skills there as well (he's especially keen on teaching blocking.) (Scarlett will have a letter from Yngvar, a member of the Order, to deliver to Rangar as part of the A Letter to Venice quest, anyway.)

This is the Guild Benedict aspired to join.

The guild reveres their order's founder, St. Anthony.


Inside the guildhall, members may find a bed to rest in.

Rangar also offers additional training inside the guildhall. (Scarlett can learn all those additional skills even if she joins a different guild, but for some she will need to use different trainers ( i.e., teachers).)

(Scarlett will still be able to get training in necromancy from Aeris at the Net of the Mask, even if she joins the Order of the Holy Seal, as well as from other trainers.)


Scarlett will need to complete a test before she's admitted to the Order of the Holy Seal:

Scarlett may request additional quests from Rangar to increase her experience or boost her reputation:

The four quests above are only available if Scarlett joins the Order of the Holy Seal. (In fact, if Scarlett joins a different guild, she may encounter a few locked gates requiring a special key that will keep her from entering the shrines to St. Anthony.)

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