Prince Veridor

Prince Veridor is a fine example of inbred nobility, an egotistical fop of the court. He resides in a luxurious estate on one of Venice's many islands, and as far as is known, he serves no useful function in the city.

However, for some reason, Hector and his Persian Mercenaries have entrusted the good Prince with the password to the Throne Room of The Claw. Drago, the gondolier, knows this and can ferry Scarlett to the estate so she can question him.

The good Prince is subject to either flattery or threats. If Scarlett is careful to be polite and full of praise, she can learn the password ("eternity") peacefully. If her tongue fails her, she can always resort to the sword; after a brief fight, the Prince will surrender before being killed, and divulge the password.

Scarlett can't return to his estate for a return visit; Drago will only take her there as part of her quest to get into the throne room. (By the way, despite appearances, all the statues on his estate are perfectly normal; none of them will come to life as living gargoyles yielding Pale Hearts.)

Later, Scarlett may meet Prince Veridor again in his chambers in the Palace.

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