Getting the QuestEdit

The morning after the Assassins attack San Pasquale, Scarlett will awaken in what's left of her home with her mother, Jarta. Mom will quickly point out that Scarlett's once pretty white party dress is now a tattered, soot- and blood-stained mess. Alas, all of Scarlett's possessions were lost in last night's fire.

The QuestEdit

Scarlett needs to find proper clothing to replace tattered dress. Mattheo, the village blacksmith, has a daughter about Scarlett's age. Perhaps she can spare some clothes.

This quest is mandatory. It leads to a chain of successor quests that will help Scarlett equip herself to fulfill her destiny.


This will be one of Scarlett's very first quests, and the first and easiest to complete.


The reward for a job well done is another job.
Add 20 points to Experience just for talking with Mattheo, and another 100 points to Experience for completing the quest. (No change to Reputation.)

Fulfilling the QuestEdit

This will be Scarlett's first quest. It will familiarize the player with the game's the quest system, the quest log, and the related quest map. You will also learn to navigate, open doors, open chests, pick things up, and talk to people.

Scarlett should leave Jarta and walked eastward through the town until she comes to Mattheo's smithy. Talk with Mattheo, and he will suggest his daughter's clothes. She should feel free to chat with other villagers on her way through town, to get to know them and what they do.

Go to Mattheo's house and open the unlocked urban chest, taking the "casual clothes". (While in the house, reading the books from the bookcase will add some Beast Knowledge.)

Quest Map Proper Clothes

Take the unfitting "casual clothes" back to the blacksmith, and he will make a few stitches here and there to flatter Scarlett's figure.

Soon, Scarlett will be wearing a stylish, hip-hugging, bare midriff look that was so popular among all the proper women in 16th century Italy.

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