Rangar is a proud warrior and the apparent leader of the Order of the Holy Seal guild. He can be found at the courtyard to that guildhall in the Outer City.

Rangar can provide practice for Scarlett in combat skills. He is especially happy to teach the use of weapons in blocking and riposte. He can also provide training in Physical Skills in all weapons, including mastery, blocking, riposte, and more advanced weapon-specific techniques.

If Scarlett joins the Order of the Holy Seal guild, Rangar can be found inside the Guildhall.

Location Edit

Person Map Rangar

Rangar can be found in the courtyard of the Order of the Holy Seal guildhall in the Outer City. (Click on the map to enlarge it.) If Scarlett joins the Order of the Holy Seal Guild, Rangar will move inside the guildhall (up the stairs), and Scarlett will be allowed inside the guildhall (up the stairs). If Scarlett joins one of the other Guilds, Rangar remains in the courtyard and will still teach her Physical Skills.

If Scarlett joins the Hooded Wings guild and completes the No Questions Asked quest for that guild, Rangar will no longer be available. After the Steward's Trust quest, Rangar will no longer be available, regardless of which Guild Scarlett joined.

Skills Taught Edit

Rangar is a Teacher of Combat Skills. He can teach Scarlett most Combat and Weapons Skills for Scythe (Moonblade), Sword, Spear, and Warhammer.

Physical Skills Rangar can Teach
Scythe Sword Spear Hammer
Moonblade Mastery Sword Mastery Spear Mastery Hammer Mastery
Twilight Rift Sword Block Shield Block Gasp for Breath
Moonblade Block Riposte Shattering Blow
Hammer Block

Rangar is eager act as a Sparring Partner to allow Scarlett to practice the Blocking Combat Skills. This is helpful to new players who want to learn basic Combat techniques in Venetica. Scarlett will first have to learn either the Sword Block or Moonblade Block Physical Skill before she can practice it.

Rangar is the only Teacher who can train Scarlett in Fighting against Multiple Opponents, and then only for his Order of the Holy Seal Guild members. (This training offers no actual combat bonus, but earns the Trained Group Fighter Achievement (Trophy) (plus 150 points to Scarlett's Experience.) To train in it: First, ask Rangar for training, then training against multiple opponents, and defeat four opponents simultaneously to earn the Achievement. (This training is fairly easy; Scarlett will get more challenging practice in Africa competing in the Necropolis, but that won't earn the Achievement/Trophy.)

Related QuestsEdit

Rangar is on the receiving end of one of Scarlett's optional Quests:

Rangar gives Scarlett multiple Quests on behalf of the Order of the Holy Seal, if Scarlett joins his Order:

Rangar is part of the No Questions Asked quest (one of the quests if Scarlett joins the Hooded Wings guild.)