Rescure a drunken man, Ruben, from the Trade Center tower.

Getting the QuestEdit

If Scarlett visits the southern area of the Trading Center in the Outer City, she will see a woman in a blue dress, Madeline. If Scarlett initiates a conversation with Madeline, the woman will immediately scold her for traipsing on her just cleaned cobblestones with dirty boots. The woman will also then complain about a crazy drunk (Ruben). If Scarlett questions her about the drunk, the woman will say he is hallucinating that "demons" are chasing him. Scarlett might rightly infer these demons are Lectors.

This quest is optional.

The QuestEdit

Scarlett should try to rescue Ruben, the drunk.


Access to the Trading Center area of the Outer City. Convince the guards Scarlett is a merchant of copper ore or herbs.

Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Quest Map Rescue from the Tower

If Scarlett is scrupulously polite to Madeline, the woman will tell Scarlett where the drunk went; otherwise, Scarlett will have to guess.

Scarlett should enter the door to the nearest tower and go up one flight of stairs, then go outside. This is the mid-level catwalk around the Trading Center. Scarlett should cross this balcony area to the opposite door, go inside the next tower, and go up another flight of stairs. (There's no way to reach the Ruben's room by entering this second tower at the ground level, so use the catwalk from the southern tower.) Scarlett will find the tipsy Ruben being accosted by a pair of Lectors in a small room there.

This would be a good time for Scarlett to recall that Lectors can only be killed by her Moonblade. Kill both demons, then speak to Ruben and the quest is complete.



A drunken Ruben thanks Scarlett in his slurred voice, and rewards her with a Beer!

Add 200 points to Scarlett's Experience. No change to her Reputation (apparently drunks don't make reliable character references.)

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