Ring of Loyalty

About Rings of Loyalty Edit

The Undead Archon created Rings of Loyalty for each on his allies among the Undead Five, each with a magical gem. The purpose of the rings is unknown.

Scarlett has a chance to obtain three of these rings as she defeats members of the Undead Five in turn:

The Ring of Loyalty with the Red gemstone can be found by prying it from the cold, undead fingers of the Mistress of Assassins after Scarlett has defeated her.

The Ring of Loyalty with the Green gemstone will be found in a small coffer that washes ashore with Scarlett after Hector's ship, the Claw, sinks.

The Ring of Loyalty with the Blue gemstone will be found in a chest within the Tree of Life after Scarlett confronts Princess Chiamaka.

It might be presumed that The Doge also has a Ring of Loyalty (perhaps even Victor himself possesses one), but Scarlett will not have a chance to find out.

If Scarlett takes the magic ring to San at her magic shop in the Inner City, San can use the magical gemstones to improve Scarlett's Moonblade.

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