The Claw Cargo Upper Deck

Collect three packages of medicine from the upper deck of The Claw to earn Drago's trust.

Getting the QuestEdit

As soon as Scarlett reaches The Claw's Mid-Deck as part of The Heart of the Claw quest, she will spot a grappling hook on the gunwale. Climbing down the rope will take her to Drago, who will offer her this quest to prove herself worthy of his help.

This quest is mandatory; Scarlett must complete it as part of her primary mission. She needs Drago's help.




The QuestEdit

Drago asks Scarlett to collect three packages of medicine from the Upper Deck of The Claw. He also requests that she do it stealthily, without killing any of the Persian Mercenaries guarding the deck.


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Scarlett should go back up the rope to the Mid-Deck, go back inside The Claw, and take the stairs up to the Upper Deck.

Quest Map Rogue Games

On the Upper Deck, Scarlett should find a large collection of crates piled under a tent supported by two tall central polls and for supporting poles on either side. She should retrieve the three medicine packages from among the crates. They "sparkle" slightly to distinguish them from other cargo. (Marked as green dots on the map; click on map to enlarge.)

Fulfilling the second part of Drago's request, that Scarlett not kill any guards, is optional. (Which is a good thing, because if the route she took out of the lower deck brought her to the upper deck earlier, she may have already slain a few Persian Mercenaries before hearing the quest.) However, by not killing any guards, Scarlett can earn the Stealth Master Achievement (Trophy). If stealth fails, Scarlett can always use The Passage to avoid any fights.

After collecting all three packages, Scarlett should return below deck, back to the mid deck, and use the rope to again meet with Drago and give him the medicine. That completes this quest.



Add 500 points to Scarlett's Experience. No change to Reputation.

After Scarlett has demonstrated her worth, Drago will take her to see Prince Veridor, who can either be flattered or forced to reveal the password, depending on whether Scarlett is feeling Honorable or Villainous.

If Scarlett collects all three packages of medicine and delivers them to Drago, completing the quest without killing any of the Persian Mercenaries guarding the Upper Deck, the player will be awarded the Stealth Master hidden Achievement (Trophy). (If Scarlett killed any Persian Mercenaries on the Upper Deck before she meets Drago, the trophy can't be earned.)

Note: if Scarlett wants to collect treasure on The Claw, or slaughter Persian Mercenaries to increase her Experience, she should do it after completing this quest, so as not to ruin the hidden Stealth Master Achievement, and before entering the Throne Room. She won't get a chance to return to The Claw after entering the Throne Room.

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