Rufus is one of the many merchants with a stall in the Marketplace of the Outer City. Although the table displaying his wares looks as if he sells books and artwork, he deals in lanterns and fish oil to light them. Scarlett might want to visit him before going into the Catacombs, if she doesn't already have a lantern.

Like most of the outdoor traders in Venice, Rufus can only be found at his store during daylight hours.

He is one of the most useful traders in Venice, becuase he gives preferred prices for gold items.

Goods for SaleEdit

Like other merchants, Rufus can also buy unneeded items Scarlett wishes to sell, converting them to ducats she can spend on more useful items. (He will also be able to sell back to Scarlett any items she previously sold to him, though at a substantial markup price.)

Preferred Purchase Goods Edit

Gold, Jewels, and Antiques (including Urns).


Rufus is located in the Marketplace of the Outer City.

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