Rupert or Cousin Rupert is the deceased gatekeeper to the Gorge tunnel. The Gorge tunnel is apparently the critical section of the mountain pass between San Pasquale and the Southern Bay, and its gate has been kept locked. Rupert is supposed to have the key.


When Scarlett first approaches the Gorge, Rupert's cousin Casimir approaches and, close to panic, informs Scarlett that Rupert has been killed and the gate key has been lost. Furthermore, that there are "demons" (Lectors) inside the tunnel that must be defeated. Casimir also frets about an old family heirloom, a necklace, and, at least superficially, appears more concerned about the necklace than his cousin.

Upon entering the tunnel, Scarlett finds two Lectors showing a mysterious and unexplained interest in Rupert. It also remains unknown whether the Lectors killed Rupert or the Assassins, and how the gate key disappeared.

Related Quests Edit

  • Cousin Rupert - Casimir wants Scarlett to secure a necklace -- an old family heirloom -- from Rupert's body.