San is keeper of a shop of magical and occult items in the Inner City. The shop is definitely worth a visit or three. for several reasons.

San has a number of tempting, unique and helpful magical items for sale, if Scarlett has the ducats.

Person Map San

San can also help Scarlett by improving her Moonblade, each time Scarlett obtains a Ring of Loyalty (and has the 500 ducat fee.).

Lastly, San has two quests to offer, if Scarlett asks for work.

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Goods SoldEdit

San sells a number of unique occult items that can be very helpful to Scarlett, and gives her a good reason to pick up all those small treasures along the way:

  • Imperial Sword of Blood: A legendary weapon that collects Health points, useful for healing Scarlett during tough fights (damage 45, 2800 ducats).
  • Flask of Faith: This flask can preserve the mental restorative properties of water from wells. (Fill it at a well or fountain, drink to restore all Mental Energy just as if drinking from the fountain.)
  • Zamazar's Wrath of the East: - A sword that collects Mental Energy. (damage 45, 2500 ducats.)
  • Ring of Life: Automagically regenerates Scarlett's Health over time (much faster than normal healing.) (12,500 ducats.)
  • Mental Energy Potion: Restores 80 points of Mental Energy when consumed. (100 ducats.)
  • Alchemist phial: Used to mix potions from herbs.


Related QuestsEdit

San will offer Scarlett a couple of quests: