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Scarlett is the pretty young heroine of Venetica's story, and the character whose actions are controlled by the game's player.


Scarlett was brought to the mountain village of San Pasquale as an orphaned child, to be raised by her aunt, Jarta. She has grown into a lovely young woman, betrothed to her handsome sweetheart, Benedict.

Unknown to Scarlett, her father is Death himself. As a child of both the mortal world and Twilight World, Scarlett has the unique ability to move between them, as well as a talent for Necromancy. When the Undead Archon breaks his pact with Death and seizes immortality, upsetting the balance and threatening the whole mortal world, Scarlett's unique talents make her the only potential threat to the plans of the Undead Five.


The Undead Five are aware of the danger Scarlett poses and are searching for this unknown threat hidden within her. Even though they are using powerful necromancy to hunt her, Death has provided powerful magics of his own to camouflage Scarlett's identity from her pursuers. The young woman must somehow survive and hone her raw abilities in time to somehow thwart their dark plans.

Scarlett may choose to pursue this course to right the balance of the world, or out of revenge for Benedict's death, or for reasons of her own; but if she fails, the mortal world will fall into darkness.

Special Abilities[]

Scarlett may learn a wide variety of Physical Skills (weapons combat) and Mental Skills (Necromancy.)

The Bard called death, "the Undiscovered Country from whose bourn no traveler returns." Except for Scarlett, who crosses freely into the domain of Death and back again, confounding her enemies by refusing to die like a proper mortal. Press a sharp blade across her throat, and she can confidently smile and reply, "go ahead, make my day."

Scarlett also has a unique connection to the Moonblade, a legendary weapon which, in her hands, can slay demons, and perhaps, even an immortal or undead necromancer.

Lastly, Scarlett can make use of a Gateway Idol to travel to the realm of death, where she can speak with her father, Death, or Benedict, and gain new powers.

q.v. Scarlett's Basic Attributes for more information about her special abilities and how Venetica allows the player to customize the character.