Scream of Death Edit

Scream of Death skill icon

The Scream of Death is an active Necromantic Spell (Mental Skill) that that Scarlett may use to unleash a terrible, deathly scream that causes enemies to stop and tremble helplessly in fear for a period of time. Scarlett can use the time her enemies are immobile to either avoid them or attack them without reprisal. (An attack breaks the spell and frees the enemy to retaliate.)

This skill has four Levels of Mastery; The duration increases with the Level of Mastery, as does the amount of Mental Energy required to cast the spell. The duration also increases with Scarlett's Mental Power Attribute.

The Scream of Death
Level Duration Mental Energy
1 5 sec 17 ME 2.9 sec 2.5 sec
2 7 sec 23 ME 2.9 sec 2.5 sec
3 9 sec 33 ME 2.9 sec 2.5 sec
4 13 sec 46 ME 2.9 sec 2.5 sec
  + Mental Power bonus

The Scream of Death is an active Mental Skills. It must first be placed on the game's QuickBar before it can be invoked. Most creatures, and the Undead Five, are immune to the effects of this spell.

Scarlett can only learn the Scream of Death Mental Skills after she has attained at least one Level of Mastery with its prerequisite, The Plague; after she has accumulated sufficient Skill Points; and after she finds a Necromancy Trainer (possibly Aeris in the Inner City). Scarlett can increase her Level of Mastery of this skill by spending additional Skill Points with any capable Necromancy Trainer.

The Scream of Death is the final and highest spell of the Third Twilight Circle. Learning it qualifies the player for the Master of the Third Twilight Circle Achievement (Trophy) (only a single level of mastery required.)