Spear of the Screaming Souls icon

The Spear of the Screaming Souls is a magical Spear that collects Mental Energy.

This weapon is of the Spear weapon class for purposes of Armor defense and Weapons Mastery skill. It does a base damage of 46 points to an enemy's Health, adjusted for Scarlett's Strength, the enemy's Armor, and Scarlett's Weapon Mastery and multi-attack combinations.

If used to deliver the killing blow to an enemy, this magical weapon restores Scarlett's current Mental Energy by an amount proportional to the original Health of the slain enemy (up to Scarlett's maximum Mental Energy.)

Scarlett can only get the Spear of the Screaming Souls as a prize by winning the Juma Tournament in the Necropolis. (Only possible after she has confronted Princess Chiamaka. She should speak to Gero in the necropolis to start the Let the Games Begin! quest, which is the tournament.)

This Spear of the Screaming Souls can be kept and used (recommended) or sold for 1200 ducats. It is a one-of-a-kind item.