Princess Chiamaka's Spike and Scale Edit

Scarlett chiamaka

Spike and Scale are a magical spear weapon that Scarlett obtains during the boss fight with Princess Chiamaka. It is the only weapon that allows her to defeat the Princess.

During the second part of the fight, the part that takes place in the Twilight World, Scarlett is attacked by the spirit form of the princess -- a phoenix-like bird. After several attacks from the air, which Scarlett can only dodge, the bird sets down to attack with the beak. This allows Scarlett a counter-attack with the Moonblade. If she is successful, the phoenix takes to the air again, but loses part of her plumage: The Spike and Scale. Now, Scarlett must pick up the weapon and equip it. It defends against the light-ray attacks and reflects the light back into the bird, causing damage.

After the fight, Scarlett gets to keep the Spike and Scale as a weapon. With a damage value of 44, it is only marginally stronger than the African Guard's spear (damage: 40). If Scarlett wins the Holy Spear of Chiefs (damage: 85) in the necropolis tournament, the Spike and Scale retains only souvenir value.