Sword Mastery skill icon

Sword Mastery is a Passive Physical Skill that allows Scarlett to extend the chain of attacks in a Multiple Attack Combination with additional blows when using any of the various Sword Weapon Class. Each Level of Mastery she learns further extends the length of the Combination.

A Combination is a sequence of weapon attacks executed by timing each subsequent attack immediately after the previous swing ends. Each blow in the Combination scores progressively more damage to the enemy's Health than the preceding blow, making long combinations quite effective. Even without the Skill, Scarlett can perform a 2-attack Combination with any Sword.

Sword Mastery
Level of Mastery Strikes in Chain
1 add 3rd strike
2 add 4th strike
3 add 5th & 6th strikes

Sword Mastery is a Passive Skill. It is invoked automatically whenever Scarlett is wielding any weapon of the Sword Weapon Class and times her attacks properly.

Sword Mastery is the first skill in the Sword category, and is a prerequisite for all other Sword Physical Skills. There is no cost in Mental Energy to using this Skill.

Venetica provides unique animation for each blow in the Sword Combination sequence, which helps confirm that the player has timed the combination successfully.

Scarlett can learn or increase her Level of Mastery with the Sword Mastery Physical Skill from almost any of the Physical Skill Teachers she meets: Brawler, Yngvar, Rangar, Ulrik, Abd el Malik and Akbah.