Tarka Gor

Tarka Gor is an historical figure to the story, being already dead when Scarlett's story begins. He was once owner of the Forest Hut in the woods south of San Pasquale, and his skeletons still lies beside his bed there. But, it's what else he left behind that makes him important to the story…

Tarka Gor's Story Edit

The only way Scarlett will hear Tarka Gor's story is if she returns to his skeleton in the old Forest Hut after she has mastered the necromantic skill The Whisper. If she then uses The Passage near his skeleton, his ghost will tell her most of his story; she may do this as part of the An Adequate Smithy quest, or just for her own edification. As a member of the Net of the Mask, Scarlett can learn even more while chasing the Forest Hut Secret quest.

Tarka Gor was once a blacksmith and armorer. In fact, Mattheo was his pupil. Those four gold plates that formed the puzzle to reveal The Concealed Final Will are actually awards for excellence. (Those can, in fact, be used by Scarlett to prove to Ulrik that she knows a quality blacksmith to obtain An Adequate Smithy.)

Tarka Gor knew Scarlett's father, before he became Death. He left the Moonblade with Tarka Gor for safekeeping, to keep it in case Scarlett had need of it one day. Soon after Victor began to sense the existence of someone like Scarlett who might be a threat to his undead plans for immortality and world domination, Victor sought out Tarka Gor to question him about who the unknown threat was. When Tarka Gor refused to reveal anything, Victor poisoned him. One of Tarka Gor's last acts was to write a letter to Sophistos divulging Victor's plans and urging the destruction of the Black Grimoire before Victor could seize it.

When Tarka Gor died, he pulled the Moonblade with him into the Twilight World, where only Scarlett could find it, and added the mysterious codicil to his Final Will.

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