Scarlett vs Baka Beast

Getting the QuestEdit

In the Juma Tribal Lands, after Scarlett has finished her confrontation with Princess Chiamaka in the Necropolis, if she approaches Gero, he will offer her a chance to compete in the Tribe's tournament (the Let the Games Begin! quest.) After Scarlett has competed in that, if she approaches Gero once more, in addition to letting her enter the tournament again, he will also say he has a favor to ask. Scarlett will need to ask further about the "favor" in order to get this quest.

This quest is optional.

The QuestEdit

Gero asks Scarlett to kill the wild Baka King in the northern basin. The beast is fierce, and the Juma tribesmen are afraid of it.

Prerequisites Edit

Only available after Scarlett has finished her confrontation with Princess Chiamaka in the necropolis and eneterd the Tibal tournament at least once.

Scarlett must compete in the tournament (Let the Games Begin!) at least once before Gero will offer her this quest.

Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Quest Map The Baka King

The Baka King is a lone, extreme version of the Baka Beasts that roam the grasslands around the Juma village. Scarlett will find the beast roaming on a hill in the Northern basin (cross the natural bridge). It will be flanked by two other normal Baka Beasts.

Scarlett should kill it… cautiously, because it is dangerous. A warhammer works well against its thick hide, but is slow. After the battle in the Necropolis, Scarlett should have the key to the chest inside the Tree of Life, and inside that should be the Holy Spear of Chiefs, a fast and even more powerful weapon that she might like to try out against this powerful opponent, assuming she has Physical Skills for the spear. (If not, Akbah can provide training in the spear if she finds him in the Juma Village, assuming she has the Skill Points.)


Add 800 points to Scarlett's Experience (plus 400 points for killing the Baka King itself, and 200 for each additional Baka Beast killed.) No change to her Reputation (apparently Juma tribesmen don't write to Venice's gossip columns very often.)

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