Bludgeoning skill icon

The Bludgeoning is an Active Physical Skill that allows Scarlett to channel some of her Necromantic Power into a special attack with any War Hammer or Battle Axe weapon. The blow strikes the ground, causing a shockwave that inflicts significant extra damage to all nearby enemies' Health and forcing them all back away fro Scarlett.

The Bludgeoning has the Level of Mastery, each doing increasing damage but costing slightly more Mental Energy. Scarlett can only invoke this skill when she is wielding a War Hammer or Battle Axe weapon.

The Bludgeoning
Level Damage Mental Energy
1 100+ 15 ME 0 10.0 sec
2 120+ 18 ME 0 10.0 sec
3 144+ 21 ME 0 10.0 sec
  + Strength bonus and normal weapon damage.

The Bludgeoning is an Active Skill. It needs to be placed on the QuickBar so it can be used.

Scarlett can only learn The Bludgeoning after she has learned its prerequisite, Hammer Block. Learning it earns the Hammer Master Achievement (Trophy).

Scarlett can learn The Bludgeoning Physical Skill from only one Physical Skill Teachers: Akbah.