The Chapel in the Arsenal District Edit


The Chapel is a place where the Arsenal District workers were able to find spiritual relief. Now, the Chapel has fallen to the Demons, and the entrance is blocked by a curse. Largo, the Arsenal administrator, is unwilling to help, and it is up to Scarlett to provide assistance to Brother Johan.

The Chapel is the location of the fourth Gateway Idol, and Scarlett must visit the chapel to proceed in the story. The Chapel is located in the Arsenal District, about halfway up between the lower and the upper Arsenal levels.

Most likely on her way to the Skullbreak Tavern, Scarlett will first pass the cursed entrance. On her way up, she will probably encounter a number of Juma warriors that she needs to dispatch before she can reach Johan. Just as she reaches Largo's administration center, she'll witness Johan rudely rejected by Largo's guard. Talking to Johan, she will receive the first Quest, Of Cursed Chapels.

Chapel breaking curse

Almost immediately, Johan realizes that he is missing his sacred scrolls and sends Scarlett on a mission to retrieve them from the Old Cathedral.

With the help of the scrolls, Johan can now remove the curse from the entrance, allowing Scarlett to enter. Once inside, Scarlett encounters two of a new type of black Lectors. Once the Lectors are sent back to the Abyss thanks to the Moonblade, Scarlett can pick up the stone fragments and repair the Gateway Idol and use it.

Benedict bestows her with The Whisper, a mental skill that allows her to talk to the dead. The Whisper opens the third Twilight Circle mental skills and is a prerequisite for mandatory quests, such as The Voice of the Dead, in which she acts as a messenger between Liora and her dead husband.

Chapel fight

Once the Chapel is restored -- sanctified again --, Brother Johan gives Scarlett the key to the Catacombs as a reward. Later on, Brother Johan can be found inside his chapel where he offers his ability to sanctify health potions: Making them restore 150 HP instead of the 80 HP that the regular Health Potion restores -- of course, for a good chunk of Ducats.

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