Concealed Final Will

Getting the QuestEdit

When Scarlett first arrives at the forest hut, she will find two travelers, Don and Nesto outside, arguing over their inheritance. She should offer to help.

This quest is mandatory. Scarlet will need their help getting the Moonblade.

The QuestEdit

Find the hidden Will and Last Testament, hidden somewhere in the hut.


Scarlett will probably encounter this quest while working on A Favor for The Blacksmith.

Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Scarlett should enter the hut and search it. (There is one room behind a locked gate she won't be able to enter. Don't worry about it now.) Don and Nesto tell her the previous owner liked puzzles.

Upstairs, she'll find a pair of pliers needed for the A Favor for The Blacksmith quest hanging over the fireplace. A total of four golden plaques hang on the wall to either side of the hearth. Pressing them in the proper order unlocks a secret compartment (the puzzle!)

Concealed Final Will Clue

Climbing the ladder, Scarlett can go outside on a small balcony and looked down where the two travelers are waiting. A 4 x 4 set of flagstones, a few of them chiseled and colored differently, provide the clue for the combination, reading top to bottom and numbering the flagstones from left to right: 2-4-3-1. Go back to the fireplace and press the hanging plates in that order, and a secret compartment with the Final Will will open.

When Scarlett brings the scroll to Don and Nesto, they won't even be able to agree on who should read it, so Scarlett will have to read it to them. (She can go ahead an lie about what it says, if she likes, depending on which she feels Honorable or Villainous.) There's an odd codicil in the Will that mentions "a blade that is hidden" and can only be found by "the one without family". That's part of the solution to The Moonblade Mystery quest.


Don and Nesto will accompany Scarlett into the hut again, and open the locked gate for her with their elite mechanical skills, to help her with The Moonblade Mystery quest.

Nesto will offer Scarlett some combat practice: the player can learn how to lock onto an enemy, dodge by rolling, and bypass an enemy who blocks attacks.

Both will give Scarlett their journals about Venice.

Add 100 points to Scarlett's Experience. No change to Reputation.

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