Scarlett Helmet of Saint Anthony

Retrieve the Helmet of St. Anthony from a room in the Arsenal District for the Order of the Holy Seal.


Getting the QuestEdit

Scarlett should visit the Order of the Holy Seal guildhall, go up to the training hall, and ask Rangar for work. Rangar will give Scarlett this quest after she has completed The Sword of St. Anthony quest.

This quest is optional. Scarlett may elect to do it to increase her Experience and Reputation.


The QuestEdit

Scarlett is told to go to the Inner City to pick up a painting for Grimm. Grimm gives Scarlett a key to the house and instructions to use the Inner City Catacombs to reach it.



Scarlett must have joined the Order of the Holy Seal guild, gained access to the Arsenal District, and completed The Sword of St. Anthony quest.


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Quest Map of Helmet of St Anthony
Scarlett should go to the Arsenal District. On the main level, she should walk down Shade Street, past The Doctor's (Gregorius's) house and past where Dominicus is selling goods, until she comes to a door by some stairs, where the Gondola station is for the Arsenal District Dockyard. Enter the door (pick the lock). (Click map to enlarge.)

Inside, Scarlett will have to deal with two Rogue Masters and then go down the stairs. The special key Rangar gave her will open the gate to a room with a sarcophagus. As before, when Scarlett approaches the sarcophagus, a Skeleton will emerge and attack her. After defeating the Skeletons, Scarlett can collect the Helmet from the open sarcophagus.


Adds 300 points to Scarlett's Experience, plus 100 points for each Rogue Master killed and 90 points for killing the Skeleton. No change to Reputation.


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