Lesser Evil

Kitten asks Scarlett to clean out two Rogues's dens in the Arsenal District.

Getting the Quest Edit

Place Map Ambrosial Lotus

Scarlett should return to the Ambrosial Lotus after completing the Chasing the Black Grimoire quest and speak with Kitten to get this quest.

This quest is optional. Scarlett may accept it to increase her Experience or Reputation.

Prerequisites Edit


The Quest Edit

Kitten complains that some of "her" Rogues have been taken over by the magic of the Necromancers and no longer follow her orders. She asks Scarlett to get rid of them for her.


Fulfilling the Quest Edit

Quest Map Lesser Evil

There are two lairs that Scarlett must clean out:

The first lair (1) can be found by walking along the canal on the main level of the Arsenal District, south of the canal but north of The Platform. That will land in some arches, and through the arches Scarlett will find a set of stairs leading up to a small landing. There is a single door here, and that is the first lair.

The second den of thieves (2), is found by starting up the main stairs back by the Ambrosial Loutus. They quickly lead to a covered, ascending corridor. Before that covered corridor ends, there is a single door on the south (left) side, which is the second lair.

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Inside each chamber, Scarlett will find several Rogue Masters led by a Necromancer. She needs to kill them all.

After cleaning out both lairs, Scarlett should return to Kitten at the Ambrosial Lotus to complete the quest and claim her reward.


Rewards Edit

Adds 100 points to Scarlett's Reputation and 700 points to her Experience (plus 150 points for each Necromancer killed and 100 points for each Rogue Master killed.)

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