The Passage skill icon

The Passage is among Scarlett's earliest and most flexible Mental Skill. With it, she willingly slips into the Twilight World of death. There, she can move about in the mortal world, unseen by mortal man or beast. This allows Scarlett to bypass or avoid enemies, or escape from a losing fight, by simply disappearing into twilight.

While she is in the Twilight World of the Passage, the rest of the mortal world appears to slow down. Scarlett can move more quickly than the shadowy images of mortals around her.

The Passage also permits Scarlett to see things that mortals can't, such as a Nexus Portal, which she can use to enter secret areas.

The Passage also triggers later passive Mental Skills. Once Scarlett has learned the Eye of the Lost mental skill (second Twilight Circle), the Passage allows her to see ghosts (whose presence is usually suggested by skeletal remains in the mortal world.) Once Scarlett has learned The Whisper mental skill (third Twilight Circle), she will also be able to speak with those ghosts, and once she has learned Unworldly Clutch (fourth Twilight Circle), they can give her physical objects.

Although unseen, Scarlett cannot move through walls, unopened doors, or obstacles; taking physical action (attacking an enemy, opening a door) ends the Passage. A few creatures (Delvers and Lectors) can still sense Scarlett's presence even when she is in the Passage, though they cannot injure her while the passage lasts. Raging Ghosts, which Scarlett can only see and attack while she is in the Passage, are in turn the only creature that can attack her in the Passage.

Occasionally, the game will display the icon for The Passage on the screen near the heads-up display. That indicates a ghost is nearby with something to show war say to her, though this only happens under special circumstances.

The Passage is a granted skill, bestowed on Scarlett (at no cost in Skill Points) by Benedict's ghost at the Gateway Idol in the Copper Mine of San Pasquale. As the first spell in the First Twilight Circle, it opens the remaining spells of that twilight circle to normal learning.

The Passage lasts for 15 seconds and has only a single Level of Mastery, though later that can be extended later by learning the Enduring Passage skill of the fourth twilight circle. Mental Energy: 10. Casting time: 0 seconds. Cooldown time: 30.0 seconds.