Arsenal District

Get The Platform working again in the Arsenal District.

Getting the QuestEdit

The Platform is a large cargo elevator that goes from the main level of the Arsenal District up to the top (level of the Skullbreak Tavern and Palace. If Scarlett goes through the large doorway and speaks with the two operators (Citizens) at the main level, they will explain to her that The Platform isn't working because some creatures up at the top are interfering with the mechanism. Scarlett can agree to help to receive this quest.

This quest is optional. Scarlett may elect to do it to increase her Experience and Reputation, and gain access to The Platform to save time traveling the Arsenal District.





The QuestEdit

A Citizen asks Scarlett to help get The Platform working again by getting rid of some creatures infesting the very top.


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Quest Map The Platform

To complete this quest, Scarlett will have to reach the top level of the platform by walking up the series of stairs and ramps and bridges (the first time she makes this trip, she will have to make our way past a number of hostile Juma Warriors.)

At the top, she will find the Platform itself and a small flock of Flying Beasts fluttering around inside, keeping the operators from performing their duty. She will have to kill the Flying Beasts to complete the quest.

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After she kills the Flying Beasts, the operators will allow Scarlett to use The Platform anytime she wants for free. This will save a little time when she needs to get back up to the top of the Arsenal District.

Add 50 points to Scarlett's Reputation, and 200 points to her Experience (plus 35 points for each of the Flying Beasts killed.)

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