Rescue Sophistos from The Claw.

Getting the QuestEdit

Once Scarlett earns Nox's trust (with the Trust To Be Earned quest), he will tell her that Sophistos was captured and taken prisoner aboard The Claw, Hector's Persian galley.




The QuestEdit

The Black Grimoire was given to a man named Sophistos, who was told to destroy it. But Sophistos has been taken captive by allies of the Undead Archon. Scarlett must rescue Sophistos and learn if destroyed the Black Grimoire, before he can reveal its fate to his captors.


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

As soon as Scarlett completes the Trust To Be Earned quest, she will automatically be given this quest by Nox. Nox will then also offer to tech her new necromantic spells (Mental Skills), if she has the Skill Points for them.

Quest Map Rescue of Sophistos
To complete this quest, Scarlett must get into the Inner City. To do that, she needs to complete the Nightwatch Troubles quest. Kronos will give her the key to the inner city gate in exchange. As soon as Scarlett uses the key and enters the Inner City, she will see (in a cut scene) that The Claw is now anchored in a canal beside be Persian Trade Center and the Old Cathedral. That will complete this quest (even though Sophistos hasn't actually been rescued, yet) and automatically replace it with The Pathway to the Claw quest.


Another quest.

Add 200 points to Scarlett's Experience. No change to Reputation.

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