The Summoning Edit

The Summoning skill icon

The Summoning is a "passive" Mental Skill that Scarlett may explicitly invoke to resurrect the dead in physical form.

Scarlett will only need to use this skill once, to summon the ghost of the dead Former City Councilman before the current City Council. Once Scarlett has gotten the Former City Councilman's ghost to agree to the Summoning, she can go to the City Council Chambers and inside the large blue circle in front of the Council, invoke The Passage to see the ghost. She will then be given the option to Summon him. (This Mental Skill doesn't to be configured on the Quickbar.)

The Summoning is a granted skill, bestowed on Scarlett by Benedict's ghost at the Gateway Idol in the Garden of the Doge's Palace. Learning it doesn't require any Skill Points. It is the initial skill of the Sixth Twilight Circle, and obtaining it opens the remaining skill of the Sixth Circle for normal learning through Skill Points and Necromancy Teachers (the only such teacher extant by the time Scarlett learns The Summoning is Amago.)