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The Trade Center Administrator, also referred to as the Warehouse Merchant is the second trader, apart from Deimos, who does business inside the central Amphitheater area of the Outer City.

Scarlett will need to gain Access to the Amphitheater to interact with him. The first time, he greets Scarlett and asks for her type of business (NB -- he reacts quite nastily if Scarlett suggests that her business is stealing). When Scarlett has enough experience (50 or higher reputation), he offers her a small quest. In addition, he trades in weaponry. Apart from that, there is little evidence of his administrative role.

Goods Sold Edit

The Trade Center Administrator sells a number of swords, a hammer, and two spears:

  • Imperial Blade (100 ducats, base damage 15) -- this is the same blade that Scarlett can obtain from Lilia in San Pasquale.
  • Short Sword (380 ducats, base damage 30)
  • Sword (510 ducats, base damage 36)
  • Chantori (2300 ducats, base damage 60) -- This is a sword with considerable damage potential, and it can give Scarlett a powerful fighting advantage early in the game, see note on Chantori on Weapons Mastery page.
  • Balanced War Hammer (980 ducats, base damage 52) -- This hammer is a slightly better alternative to the Inferior War Hammer (base damage 38) that Scarlett obtains in the Water Gateway, and buying it can better prepare Scarlett for the Grippers in the Catacombs.
  • Imperial Spear (200 ducats, base damage 20)
  • Guard Spear (1020 ducats, base damage 24) -- this is the spear that is also sold by Crowe, and for the same price. Buying from Crowe has no advantage, and it is doubtful that this weapon is worth its price.

The Trade Center Administrator (like other traders) buys excess weapons from Scarlett, thus allowing her to convert looted weapons into cash. Unlike the other traders in the Outer City, the Trading Center Administrator is doing business 'round the clock.

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