Getting the QuestEdit

When Scarlett finally meets Nox at his home in the Backstreets of the Outer City, he will immediately demand that she prove her trustworthiness.

This quest is mandatory. Scarlett needs Nox as an ally and as a teacher.

The QuestEdit

Nox knows something about Sophistos and the Black Grimoire. But he will only tell Scarlett if she proves herself trustworthy by joining one of the city's Guilds.


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Quest Map Trust to be Earned

The task is straightforward enough: join one of the three Guilds: the Net of the Mask, the Order of the Holy Seal, or the Hooded Wings. To do so, Scarlett must visit at least one of the guild master and declare her intent to join. She may wish to visit all three guild masters and ask about their guilds first, before deciding. (See information here.) Scarlett will find Rangar in the courtyard of the Order of the Holy Seal guildhall. She will find Master Deimos at the Hooded Wings guildhall. She will find Aeris, a member of the Net of the Mask, by the water fountain in the north courtyard of the Outer City, in front of the locked gate to the Inner City; unique among these, Aeris is not in her guildhall.

Once Scarlett has decided on a guild, she may need to complete a quest on behalf of her new guild as an initiation test (only the Net of the Mask doesn't require such a test before she will be given her guild badge.)

After Scarlett has completed joining a guild, she should return to Nox to display her guild badge and complete this trust earning quest.

Nox will now tell Scarlett what she wants to know about Sophistos and the Black Grimoire. That will complete this quest, and begin The Rescue of Sophistos quest.

Nox will now also offer to teach Scarlett new Mental Skills, which she will need to complete the Nightwatch Troubles quest and get into the Inner City.


Nox will finally tell Scarlett what he knows about Sophistos and the Black Grimoire.

Nox will be willing to teach Scarlett new Mental Skills, which she needs to reach the Inner City.

Add 200 points to Scarlett's Experience. No change to Reputation.

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