Tusker is an important rogue in the Inner City. (He apparently works for Kitten, who runs the Ambrosial Lotus in the Arsenal District.)

Person Map Tusker Inner City

Scarlett will first see Tusker when she first visits the area in front of the Old Cathedral. He'll be arguing with a Gondolier over how best to oppose the Persian occupation. If Scarlett approaches him, Tusker will suggest that he may have a way to get her on board the Persian warship, The Claw.

Person Map Tusker Rooftop

Tusker has a hideout on the inner city rooftops, and Scarlett will have to meet him there later. (After their first meeting.)

Tusker is not a very trustworthy man. Still, it seems Scarlett mas no choice but to work with him. And despite his betrayals, she may need his help once again, later.

Person Map Tusker Harbor

After the end of the Persian Occupation of the Inner City, Tusker will relocate to the Pirate Ship brazenly anchored at a pier in the Harbor.

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