Twilight Rift skill icon

Twilight Rift is an Active Physical Skill that allows Scarlett to use her Moonblade to channel her Necromantic Power, opening a rift to the Twilight World. The enemy she strikes is drawn into that rift and slowed down, becoming vulnerable to attack for the duration.

Twilight Rift has three Level of Mastery, each increasing the duration of the rift slowdown effect, at the cost of slightly more Mental Energy. While the slowdown lasts, the enemy's attacks are slowed greatly and it can be attacked freely.

Twilight Rift
Level of
of Rift
Mental Energy
1 5 sec  8 ME 1.0 sec* 1.0 sec
2 7 sec 11 ME 1.0 sec* 1.0 sec
3 9 sec 15 ME 1.0 sec* 1.0 sec
  * Note: Although the official listing states the Casting Time is zero, Twilight Rift takes a full second to "charge", during which time Scarlett is vulnerable to attack.

Twilight Rift is an Active Skill. It needs to be placed on the QuickBar so it can be used. Pressing the configured key or button combines charging the Moonblade and swinging. If no enemy is in range or the blow is Blocked, or if Scarlett is struck while the spell is charging, then the attack fails and the Mental Energy is wasted. This Physical Skill can only be used while Scarlett is wielding her Moonblade.

Scarlett can learn this Physical Skill (or increase her what bracket Level of Mastery) from any of several of the Physical Skill Teachers she meets: Rangar, Ulrik, Abd el Malik and Akbah.

Scarlett can only learn this Physical Skill after she has learned at least one Level of Mastery in its prerequisite, Moonblade Mastery, and has sufficient Skill Points.