Ulrik was once a blacksmith in Venice's Inner City. He has, however, decided to give that up, instead aspiring to help people by becoming a member of the city guard, though they haven't accepted him, yet.

If Scarlett approaches him outside the Old Cathedral of the Inner City, he will offer his old smithy. (See An Adequate Smithy quest for details.)

Ulrik can also teach Scarlett new Physical Skills. He knows a number of advanced combat techniques she might find useful, if she has the Skill Points.

Ulrik will also turn up again later in the story.

Location Edit

Person Map Ulrik

Ulrik can be found during daylight hours standing along the canal in front of the Old Cathedral in the Inner City. (Click on the Map to enlarge it.)

Skills Taught Edit

Ulrik is a Teacher of Combat Skills can teach Scarlett a wide variety of Physical Skills:

Physical Skills taught by Ulrik
Scythe Sword Spear Hammer
Moonblade Mastery Sword Mastery Spear Mastery Hammer Mastery
Twilight Rift Sword Block Shield Block Gasp for Breath
Moonblade Block Riposte Covert Strike Shattering Blow
Deadly Injection Titan's Blow Hammer Block
Deathburst Hurricane

Related Quests Edit

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