The Undead Five are five men and women who have seized immortality by dark magics, cheating death through a loophole in the cosmic order. They are now neither dead nor alive. They were carefully recruited for their resources and skills:

  • Victor, the leader of the five, is the Necromancer now known as the Undead Archon. It was his power and magics that made the five immortal, and he selected each of the other four.
  • Hector commands a fleet of Persian ships and disciplined armies, an organizer, strategist and tactician.
  • The Doge is the crowned ruler of the city of Venice, who controls the people.

Victor sensed the presence of one mortal whose powers might yet thwart his carefully laid plans. And so each these five allies are searching for this unknown mortal to kill him, without yet realizing about the one they are looking for is Scarlett.

("Undead Five" may also be the name of an indy heavy metal rock band performing weekends at the Skullcrusher Tavern in Venice's arsenal district, but this has not been confirmed.)

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