Scarlett and Venus

Help a working girl collect her fee.

Getting the QuestEdit

Place Map Ambrosial Lotus

Scarlett should visit the Ambrosial Lotus in the Arsenal District. The Lotus entrance is on the main level (same as the gate to the Inner City) and can be found by passing through an arch that runs under the stairs (walk past the stairs without climbing them.)

Speak with Venus, one of two scantily-clad working girls in the common room. She will complain about a customer who stiffed her.




The QuestEdit

A customer, a Venetian Captain, didn't pay Venus for her services (150 ducats). Venus asks Scarlett to collect for her.


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Scarlett and Venetian Captain

Scarlett may either pay Venus immediately and then go collect the money from the Venetian Captain (assuming Scarlett has 150 ducats), or Scarlett can collect the money from the Captain first and then bring it back to Venus.

Person Map Venetian Captain

The Venetian Captain can be found on the poop deck of his trading ship, the Princess, which is anchored at one of the piers in the Harbor. (Click on the map to enlarge it.)

Speak with the Venetian Captain and demand payment on behalf of Venus. Threaten to speak with his superiors if he doesn't pay. He will provide the Ducats. (Note that although a "health bar" appears over the captain, it doesn't appear to be possible to pick a fight with him.)

Return to Venus at the Ambrosial Lotus to complete the quest.



Add 300 points to Scarlett's Experience. (No change to her Reputation.)

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