Scarlett and Aeris at Net of the Mask

Discover what secret Victor hid in the Net of the Mask guildhall.


Getting the QuestEdit

This quest is only available to Scarlett if she is a member of the Net of the Mask guild. Scarlett must speak to Aeris in the Net of the Mask guildhall, after completing the Forest Hut Secret quest, and ask "What secret does this mansion hide?"



Scarlett must have joined the Net of the Mask guild.

The QuestEdit

Scarlett needs to unlock the secret Victor hid in the Net of the Mask guildhall. Aeris confides that back when Victor was a member of the guild, she thinks he hid something in the guildhall itself. She reads an odd poem Victor wrote about reading books.

Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Scarlett can deal with this quest without even leaving the building.

She should go into the library and up the stairs and walk around the circular balcony along the bookcases. Victor's piece of doggerel is the clue to finding the secret (it's written in the Traveler's Journal section of the Journal if you need to refer to it.) Walking around, the game will offer a chance to manipulate four books (which it conveniently numbers 1-4 to match Victor's poem.) Move books in the combination 1 - 4 - 3 - 1 suggested by the text, and a secret door will open revealing a hidden Gateway Idol.

As Scarlett approaches the Gateway Idol, she will be drawn into the Twilight World to meet with Benedict. (Unlike other Gateway Idol in the story, there are no fragments to reassemble to activate this one.) Instead of a new necromantic power, Benedict will give Scarlett a magic ring, the Ring of the Ghosts, that should prove very useful to her spellcasting.

After returning to the mortal realm, Scarlett should return to Aeris back downstairs to complete the quest.


Benedict will give Scarlett the Ring of the Ghosts, an enchanted ring that allows Scarlett to recover Mental Energy at a very fast rate.

Add 1000 points to Scarlett's Experience. No change to Reputation.

This will also earn the Net of the Mask completed Achievement (Trophy).


Related QuestsEdit

none. This is the last of the Quests that are dedicated to membership in the Net of the Mask guild.