Rid the village of San Pasquale of invading Necromancers.

Getting the QuestEdit

After returning from Africa, Scarlett will have the Dusk of the Dead, which she will need to have her mother, Jarta, weave into a dress that will protect her from magic (the Nethercoat.) That's a prerequisite to entering the Doge's Palace as part of the omnibus Undead Archon quest. When Scarlett enters San Pasquale (via the mountain pass tunnel) to reach Jarta, the old villager, Casimir, will immediately tell her that the village is under attack, giving the quest.

Scarlett will receive the quest automatically. Completing this quest is optional; She may choose to complete it in order to enhance her Reputation and add to her Experience.



Complete Chapter 3 of Venetica, return from Africa after confronting Princess Chiamaka and obtaining the Dusk of the Dead.


The QuestEdit

When Scarlett enters San Pasquale (via the mountain pass tunnel), the old village, Casimir, will tell her the village is under attack.


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

There are a total of 30 Necromancers that Scarlett must kill to complete this quest. (The game keeps a running count of how many remain for you.)

17 Necromancers are spread out on the trail between the mountain pass (where Scarlett enters the village area) and the village proper, and between the village and the Copper Mine entrance in the ivy creek forest. Scarlett will encounter these, often in pairs, while simply traveling on the trails.

An additional 13 Necromancers are scattered through the tunnels of the Copper Mine, including three in the Sacred Chamber that contains the Gateway Idol and two in the Moonstone cave area beyond the Nexus Portal in the Sacred Chamber.

Once Scarlett has eliminated all 30 Necromancers, the quest is complete.

Note: Scarlett may choose to avoid combat with most of the the Necromancers until she has had Jarta create the Nethercoat, which will offer protection from some of the damage of the Necromancer's magic (though it doesn't keep their magic from knocking her off her feet.) However, the Nethercoat offers scant protection from their weapon, the Darkside Moonblade.



Add 2000 points to Scarlett's Experience (plus 150 points for each Necromancer she kills, or 4500 for all 30.) No change to Reputation.

Related QuestsEdit

The Undead Archon - Part of this brings Scarlett back to San Pasquale with the Dusk of the Dead to create a protective dress, the Nethercoat.