Trading Center Manager

This gentleman seems to be in charge of activity in the Amphitheater area of the Outer City trading center. He can offer Scarlett work (Quests), if she can convince him she has a reliable Reputation. He also buys and sells weapons.

Goods for SaleEdit

The warehouse manager has goods for sale as well as work to offer. He specializes in weapons.

  • Imperial Blade (damage 15, Price 100 ducats, -30)
  • Short Sword (damage 30, Price 380 ducats, -15)
  • Chantori (damage 60, Price 2300 ducats, +15)
  • Balanced War Hammer (damage 52, Price 980 ducats)
  • Imperial Spear (damage 20, Price 20 ducats)
  • Sword (damage 36, Price 510 ducats, -9)
  • Guard Spear (damage 24, Price 1020)

Related QuestsEdit