Quest Warning Akbah

Scarlett needs warn Akbah that Princess Chiamaka's Juma Warriors are now searching in Venice for him.

Getting the QuestEdit

This quest is unavoidable. If Scarlett visits the Skullbreak Tavern first, and speaks with the exiled Juma Tribeswoman upstairs there, she will explicitly ask her to warn Akbah that Princess Chiamaka has arrived in Venice and will be looking for him. Alternatively, Scarlett we'll get this quest automatically the first time she enters the Dockyards in the Arsenal District.

The QuestEdit

Person Map Akbah Arsenal District

As soon as Scarlett first enters the Dockyards in the Arsenal District, she will see two Juma Warriors attacking a third Juma tribesman, Akbah. (Click map to enlarge.)


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Scarlett should help Akbah defeat the two Juma Warriors.

Maybe surprisingly, Akbah is a competent fighter and can take care of himself. Even if Scarlett doesn't intervene at all, he will manage to defeat his two attackers by himself. And, he will still be grateful to Scarlett for saving his life, even though she just watched. (Of course, then Scarlett misses out on the extra experience points for killing hostile Juma Warriors.


Adds 200 points to Scarlett's Experience, plus 120 points for each of Juma Warriors she dispatches (If Akbah finishes one off, Scarlett gets no credit.) No change to Reputation.

Also, Akbah will owe her a favor.

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