Venetica offers Scarlett many different weapons to choose from, each doing a different amount of damage to her opponents. Some weapons have special magical properties. All weapons are weilded at close quarters; there are no long-range weapons such as bows, and none can be thrown. (Only Necromantic Spells can be used to cause damage at a distance.)

About Weapons Edit

Weapon Skills Edit

For purposes of Weapon Mastery and special weapon skills, the weapons are divided into four broad categories: Scythes (Moonblade), Swords, Hammers and Battle Axes, and lastly Spears. Mastery of a weapon allows Scarlett to perform longer attack combinations that do increasing damage to her opponents.

Scarlett can also learn to block an opponent's strikes with her weapon. Not every weapon can block every attack; For example, Swords cannot block War Hammers or Battle Axes.

Scarlett can also learn special, unique attacks with each weapon class, attacks that combine the weapon with her Necromantic abilities (by expending her Mental Energy) to perform specialized attacks which inflict extra damage or have other advantageous effects.

These special Physical Skills are optional; Scarlett can learn whichever are desired. Many have multiple Levels of Mastery. See the descriptions of available Physical Skills for each weapon class for more details.


Weapon vs Armor Edit

Armor (or natural protection of Creatures can reduce the damage inflicted by a Weapon. Different forms of Armor offer varying protection according to the type of weapon used to attack it. For this purpose, weapons are classified as Blades (Swords and Scythes), Blunt (Hammers and Battle Axes), and Staff Spears.


Weapon Speed Edit

Different categories of weapons have different speeds. This affects how quickly Scarlett can wield the weapon or perform multiple-attack combinations. Swords and Spears are faster than Hammers and Battle Axes. This can be important, depending on the number and speed of Scarlett's opponents, because if a combatant is struck while performing an attack, that attack is disrupted.


Weapon Reach Edit

Lastly, different categories of weapons have different range or reach. There are no missile weapons in Venetica (except in the opening cut scene); all weapons are swung by hand.

A weapon's length affects how close Scarlett must get to attack an enemy and how many enemies she can strike with a single blow. Spears and Hammers and Battle Axes have a long reach and can simultaneously damage multiple enemies, while Swords and the Moonblade have a shorter reach and affect fewer opponents.


Obtaining Weapons Edit

Scarlett can get new weapons either by taking from the bodies of slain enemies (using the Search key), by finding them as loot in Chests, by buying them from Traders, or by digging them up from Treasure Maps. Some weapons are unique: there is only one of them to be found; others are commonplace. Scarlett can sell weapons she doesn't need for ducats she can use to purchase other items.


Encumberance Edit

Carrying Weapons (like Armor), does not slow Scarlett's movement, tire her, or interfere in any other activity. In fact, she can carry a dozen war hammers and swords (in addition to Plate Mail Armor) and still swim in the canals.


Durability Edit

Weapons (like Armor) do not rust, break, lose their edge or wear out. Once obtained, they last the entire game.


Selecting a Weapon Edit

The player can choose Scarlett's weapon by selecting it on the Weapon & Armor Inventory page of the Journal.

The player can toggle quickly between a weapon of each class (Scythes, Swords, Hammers, and Spears) with the weapon switch button. The current weapon for each class is the most recently used weapon of that class. Or, the player can select any weapon from her Weapon & Armor Inventory by opening the journal.


Weapons by Type Edit

Venetica groups weapons into four basic categories for purposes of Weapon Mastery (Scythe, Sword, Hammer, and Spear) and three categories for purposes of effectiveness of Armor (Blade, Blunt, and Staff).

Scythes Edit

The Scythe weapons are curved blades, and only include the Moonblade and its dark siblings. (Although certain Dervish weapons appear curved, they are still included as Swords.)

Scythe (Moonblade) Weapons Summary
Weapon Damage Buy / Sell     Notes
Moonblade icon
Moonblade (original) 16 not for sale An enchanted blade forged for Death's heir, the only weapon effective against the Undead. It can replenish Twilight Energy. The Moonblade can be enhanced with magical gemstones from the Rings of Loyalty. Read more about Moonblade...
Moonblade red icon
Moonblade (red gem) 26 not for sale
Moonblade green icon
Moonblade (green gem) 34 not for sale
Moonblade blue icon
Moonblade (blue gem) 56 not for sale
Darkside Moonblade icon
Darkside Moonblade 20 150d / 60d The Weapon of Necromancers.
+ Scarlett's Strength attribute and attack combinations increase a weapon attack's damage.
Armor (natural or man-made) reduces a weapon attack's damage, depending on armor type and weapon type.


Swords Edit

Swords are the most common of Blade weapons. They are fast on the attack, and can also be used to parry or block an enemy's Sword or Moonblade strike as well (they can not be used to parry Hammer, Battle Axe, or Spear attacks. There are many styles of

Summary of Sword Weapons
Weapon Damage+ Cost
Buy / Sell
Dervish Sword icon
Dervish Sword 12 25d / 10d Favored weapon of Assassins.
Noble Dervish Sword icon
Noble Dervish Sword 18 720d / 288d Weapon of a few Dervish Master
Sold by Dominicus in Water Gateway.
Imperial Blade icon
Imperial Blade 15 100d / 40d Sold by Lilia and Warehouse Merchant.
Short Sword icon
Short Sword 30 380d / 152d Popular Weapon of Rogues
Sword icon
Sword 36 510d / 204d Sold by Warehouse Merchant.
Inferior Bastard Sword icon
Inferior Bastard Sword 24 80d / 32d Popular Weapon of Rogues
Balanced Long Sword icon
Balanced Long Sword 75 4100d / 1640d Sold by Turek.
Balanced Mercenary Sword icon
Balanced Mercenary Sword 42 900d / 360d Sold by Madame Dunequerque.
Machete icon
Machete 21 320d / 128d Sold by Joanna
Persian Raiding Blade icon
Persian Raiding Blade 44  ?d / 322d Get by killing Casmir.
Sword of the Ancient Halls icon
Sword of the Ancient Halls 38  ?d / 72d Favored Weapon of Skeletons.
Black Sword icon
Black Sword 36 950d / 204d Found as Raven's Palace Treasure
Chantori icon
Chantori 60 2300d / 332d Sold by Warehouse Merchant and Lucio.
Rangars Sword icon
Rangar's Sword 81 3000d / 1200d Rangar's personal sword, Quest item. (Read about the No Questions Asked quest...)
St Anthony Legendary Sword icon
St. Anthony's Legendary Sword 87 -d / -d Reward for completing all Order of the Holy Seal quests.
Zamazars Wrath of the East icon
Zamazar's Wrath of the East 45 2500d / 1000d A legendary weapon that collects Mental Energy. (Read more about Zamazar's Wrath of the East...)
Imperial Sword of Blood icon
Imperial Sword of Blood 45 2500d / 1120d A legendary weapon that collects "hit points". (Read more about the Imperial Sword of Blood...)
+ Scarlett's Strength attribute and attack combinations increase a weapon attack's damage.
Armor (natural or man-made) reduces a weapon attack's damage, depending on armor type and weapon type.


War Hammers Edit

War Hammers are long-handled Blunt Weapons. Venetica also includes Battle Axes in the same category, even though they clearly have sharp edges. War Hammers have a long reach and inflict heavy damage, but they are slow weapons on the attack; an opponent with a quicker attack can often disrupt Scarlett's attack unless she maintains enough distance to make the weapon's longer reach tactically advantageous.

War Hammers can also be used to break down some barricades Scarlett will encounter, including some doors. A War Hammer-type weapon is also needed to destroy the nests of Flying Beasts. So, it's wise to always carry at least one weapon of the class. Scarlett will have her first opportunity to collect a war hammer from one of the Assassins guarding the entrance to the Water Gateway, and she will immediately need it to breakdown the door blocking the entrance.

Summary of War Hammers and Battle-Axes
Weapon Damage+ Cost
Buy / Sell
Inferior War Hammer icon
Inferior Warhammer 38 138d / 55d
Balanced Warhammer icon
Balanced Warhammer 52 980d / 392d
Venetian War Axe icon
Venetian War Axe 68 1740d / 696d
Persian War Axe icon
Persian War Axe 76 100d / 40d Favorite weapon of Persian Mercenaries
Masterly Persian War Axe icon
Mastery Persian War Axe 78 300d / 120d
Persian War Axe icon
Noble Persian War Axe 82  ?d / 288d
Lions Claw icon
Lion's Claw 92 1600d / 640d Buy from Madame Dunequerque
Long Headmans Axe icon
Long Headman's Axe 114 1520d / 608d Sold by Harun or Turek
Ground Shaker icon
Ground Shaker 122 3000d / 1240d Sold by Harun or Turek
Bone Crusher icon
Bone Crusher 122 2300d / 920d Sold by Lucio
Hammer of Truth icon
Hammer of Truth 98 1200d /?d A magical war hammer that collects Health. (Read more about...)
Harvester icon
The Harvester 98 2400d /?d A magical axe that collects Experience. (Read more about...)
+ An attack's damage is increased by Scarlett's Strength attribute and attack combinations.
Enemy Armor (natural or man-made) reduces a weapon attack's damage, depending on armor type and weapon type.


Spears Edit

Spears are long, fast weapons Scarlett may use. A Spear's long reach allows her to attack multiple enemies in close quarters with a single blow, and its speed allows her to do so quickly. Spears are classified as Staff weapons for purposes of Armor effectiveness.

Spears come together with Shields that are used to Block Attacks with the Blocking skill.

Summary of Spear Weapons
Weapon Damage+ Cost
Buy / Sell
Imperial Spear icon
Imperial Spear 20 200d / 80d Sold by Warehouse Merchant
Guard Spear icon
Guard Spear 24 1020d / 408d Sold by Crowe and Warehouse Merchant
African Spear icon
African Warrior Spear 40 ?d / ??d Weapon of Juma Warriors
Dark Spear icon
Dark Spear 30 1200d / ??d Sold by Dominicus in Arsenal District
Lance of Strain icon
Lance of Strain 54 1200d / 480d Sold by Juma Tribeswoman and Lucio
Spike and Scale icon
Spike & Scale 44  ?d / 80d Special purpose. Find during fight with Princess Chiamaka's phoenix-form. (Read more about...)
Holy Spear of Chiefs icon
Holy Spear of Chiefs 85  ?d / 1200d In chest in Tree of Life, get key from Princess Chiamaka. (Read more about...)
Spear of the Screaming Souls icon
Spear of the Screaming Souls 46  ?d / 1280d A magical spear that collects Mental Energy. Win in Juma Tournament. (Read more about...
+ An attack's damage is increased by Scarlett's Strength attribute and attack combinations.
Enemy Armor (natural or man-made) reduces a weapon attack's damage, depending on armor type and weapon type.


Improvised Weapons Edit

On two occasions, Scarlett will need to grab a simple, nearby object to used as an improvised weapon.

Summary of Improvides Weapons
Weapon Damage+ Cost
Buy / Sell
Poker icon
Poker 8 -- / 3d Used in initial fight with Assassin.
Bone icon
Bone 8 13d / 5d Used aboard The Claw.
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