Yngvar is a warrior, a member of the Order of the Holy Seal guild back in Venice.

Scarlett will first meet him at the South Shore as one of the Assassins's hostages in the Windmill Tavern. After Scarlett has disposed of the assassins, he may return to the old ruins down on the beach to stand his post (he may also remain in the Tavern common bar room.)

Yngvar is at the South Shore waiting for Benedict, who is, as Scarlett knows, not coming.

Yngvar teach Scarlett a only few Physical Skills, the basic mastery of each Weapon Class: Moonblade Mastery, Sword Mastery, Spear Mastery and Hammer Mastery.

Yngvar is also eager to act as a Sparring Partner to give Scarlett practice Combined Attacks, which is how she can apply weapon mastery (Moonblade Mastery, Sword Mastery, Spear Mastery, and Hammer Mastery) by increasing the damage she dishes out with additional attacks. This is helpful to new players who want to learn basic Combat techniques in Venetica. (Scarlett will first have to learn a at least one Level of Mastery in Moonblade Mastery or Sword Mastery in order to practice it.)

Location Edit

Person Map Yngvar

Yngvar will first be met inside the Windmill Tavern, locked in the bed room. Once released, he will go to either of two locations: Inside the Windmill Tavern, in the center of the common room by the waterwheel mechanism, or outside, down at the shore, in the ruins to the north of the Tavern. (Not sure how it is decided which location he will use; maybe whether it's day or night when he's freed? But, once his location is selected, he stays there.) (Click on the map to enlarge it.)

Skills Taught Edit

Yngvar is a Combat Teacher. He can teach Scarlett a few Physical Skills, the basic mastery of each Weapon Class: Moonblade Mastery for performing Combined Attacks:

Physical Skills Yngvar can Teach
Scythe Sword Spear Hammer
Moonblade Mastery Sword Mastery Spear Mastery Hammer Mastery

Related Quests Edit

Yngvar will suggest two optional Quests for Scarlett: